Workplace Ergonomics: Is it Worth the Investment?


Is investing in Ergonomic Solutions worth the cost? Absolutely!

Ergonomic education and training is good for you, your business and your employees. Musculoskeletal Disorder injuries produce 33% of Lost Time Claims in the US according to the Applied Ergonomics Conference, Dallas TX.

Poor ergonomics in the workplace can cause the employee to feel fatigued, stressed, have increased headaches, eye strain, back or neck pain, and be at risk for work related injuries.

Business owners and managers need to consider several facts when making the decision to invest in ergonomic training and solutions.

1) Ergonomics will reduce cost by cutting down on work place injuries, employee time loss and increased insurance rates.

2) Ergonomics will improve employee’s productivity, moral, efficiency and job quality. While decreasing job turnover, and absenteeism.

3) Ergonomic training communicates to your employees your commitment to their safety, health and wellbeing.

4) Ergonomic Solutions will increase revenues, decrease costs and is an investment in your company’s present and future.

Because applied Ergonomics is working smarter not harder, by designing the task to the worker and not forcing the worker to fit the task, you can expect great results by investing in, and implementing Ergonomic Solutions.

According to the same Applied Ergonomics Conference mentioned above, studies showed that the Success of Implementing Ergonomics will:

1) Decrease injury rate 61%

2) Decrease Severity (cost) 30%

Workplace Ergonomics: Is it Worth the Investment? Absolutely!

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