Ergo Breaks Will Aid in Your Productivity, Creativity and Job Wellness


So Just What Are Ergo Breaks?

As you may have read in our previous Blogs; long periods of sitting, awkward postures, repetitive motions, eye strain, and lack of mobility will all play havoc on your overall job function, creativity, productivity, sense of wellbeing and is a sure setup for stress and fatigue.

Ergo Breaks are nothing more than taking a few minutes several times a day to stretch, walk or disconnect from your desk, the phone, computer, or any work space.

Movement is one of the most fundamental ways we have to aid in job function, mental clarity, physical strength and of course general wellbeing.

Ergo Breaks don’t even require you to go to the gym or outside. You can do these breaks right at your workstation in most cases. These exercises are simple, quick and are sure to refresh and re-energize you for the next hour or two.

Here is a great source, for Ergo Break Exercises from the “National Institute of Health” for the following: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hand, Wrist, Finger, Foot and more.

Now all you need to do is commit to taking breaks every one to two hours during the work day, do the exercises, and then stay committed to adding them to your daily routine throughout your work week.

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