Job Wellness & Office Ergonomics, Myths & Facts!



Several times a year I teach continuing education seminars for assisted living owners regarding job safety and ergonomics. During the power point presentation I talk about myths and facts related to safe patient handling. You might ask, how does this apply to “Office Ergonomics and Job Wellness”? The answer lies below.

Here are just a few myths and their related facts on office ergonomics:

MYTH: Those who are physically fit have a reduced risk of job injury, stress & fatigue.

FACT: Unless a worker trains in the same tasks as the job requires, then the benefit is minimal (A runner’s cardio fitness will not necessarily help them to have good body mechanics or good posture while sitting at a work station)

MYTH: Bad habits are hard to break relating to ergonomics, office wellness and office safety.

FACT: Habits are correctable by applying the following:

“Education & Training” followed by “Applied Knowledge” creates a New Mindset, “New Mindsets” create “New Habits”.

MYTH: Buying an item that the “manufacturer states is ergonomically correct” must be good, and the product will correct my work station problem.

FACT: Not all ergonomic tools and equipment are created equal. Often you get what you pay for. But most importantly if you haven’t had a proper Ergonomic Assessment, you may not know the exact solution to your job wellness and job safety problem. There are from 30-60 different questions and assessments that go into a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation to help aid in the purchase of ergonomic tools or furniture.

MYTH: An ergonomic program will not help my company’s productivity or bottom line.

FACT:  As you may have read in a previous blog titled (Workplace Ergonomics, is it Worth the Investment) proper ergonomic assessments and training will improve worker comfort, as well increase productivity and creativity. Ergonomic training will also help to decrease job turnover, and absenteeism.

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