Job Wellness


“Job Wellness” What’s Trending in 2017?

First let’s take a look the definition of the words job and wellness.

Definition of Job: noun \ˈjäb\

a specific duty, role, or function; the heart’s job is to circulate blood

Definition of Wellness: noun  – well·ness \ˈwel-nəs\

the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal; an evolving process of lifestyles and choices that help one achieve their full potential.

Job Wellness programs look at the employee’s duties, tasks and environment to help assess changes that can be made so that the employee can achieve their full potential as it relates to their job.

Many companies have started taking active steps to help improve their employee’s work site, health and overall job wellness.

Over the past few years some business are adding gyms at the work site, or offering gym memberships to their employees encouraging mobility and stress release while at work.

Job Wellness is not just about a health care plan, gym membership or paid time off. Job Wellness is also about the complete workstation; job sites and tasks being evaluated by outside professionals to help the employers improve the employee’s job safety, comfort, job satisfaction, health and well-being.

Here is a current article on some trends that employers are taking a look at in 2017.

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