How to Setup A Workspace to Increase Productivity & Creativity


It is possible to set up your workspace in a manner that actually aids in increasing your productivity and creativity. By following these few tips below you can begin to experience a happier and healthier workday.

Sit, Stand or Sit/Stand Desk:

The style of desk you choose is important, it does need to fit you properly for good ergonomics. However, whether you choose a sit or sit-stand desk is only a part of maximizing good ergonomics. The key is to avoid long periods of stagnant postures. Motion is key; taking breaks every hour or changing positions often will aid in blood flow, brain function, increased productivity and creativity.


Bright overhead lighting or light behind you monitor are both concerns for headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and lack of concentration. Changing the placement of your monitor, back lighting or bright overhead lighting will decrease or eliminate the negative effects of poor lighting conditions.

Everything in its place:  

An organized and uncluttered workspace aids in productivity, creativity and relaxation. Also by keeping items accessible that you use often, will not only help speed up work but you will have a greater sense of calmness while decreasing stress and fatigue.

Divide your workspace in two different zones; professional and personal. Separate zones will help you have a balance between your professional and private lives; therefore, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.

As you can see there are several simple ways to change your workspace that will aid in productivity and creativity while experiencing a happier and healthier workday.

Setting Yourself Up For Success


One of the things I love about what I do is teaching Job Wellness tips to business owners and their employees. Whether I’m speaking to staff at assisted living homes or those who work in the office environment, I enjoy sharing tips we all need to remember throughout the day to help keep us positioned for a successful day at work.

In this article I will share several practical tips you can add to your day to help increase your productivity and creativity while reducing stress and fatigue. These tips will aid in your overall Job Wellness and help set you up for success.

Tips for Success:

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You may not know, but air conditioning is one of the most common factors of our bodies being depleted of its water content. Keeping hydrated helps ward off headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, improves cognitive performance and your energy level.

Get up and move around every hour. Movement is one of the best ways to increase brain function and blood flow. Did you know that after about one hour of sitting your body’s metabolism begins to slow down, effecting your blood pressure, blood sugar and heart, just to name a few.

Stretching your neck, wrist, shoulders, legs and low back several times a day helps to strengthen and lengthen muscles keeping them limber and aids in protecting you from injuries.

As you can see, just by adding a few items to your workday schedule you will have the ability to increase your job performance, reduce stress and be ready for success.

Are You Passionate About What You Do?


My Story: Why I’m Passionate About What I Do

Currently I am certified in ergonomics and offer Job Safety & Job Wellness Solutions for the office setting as well as for assisted living owners and caregivers. But to better understand why I do what I do, and why I am passionate about it, let’s go back a few years.

I started a business in 1984 distributing ergonomic neck and back products. It began out of my passion for self- care and preventive health care after several serious accidents.

Over time I had begun to realize how much I needed to do to assist in my own healing, health, and well-being. Much of which is preventive, as in diet, exercise, or using proper neck and back supports while sleeping or sitting. Good or bad posture greatly effects the nervous system and brain function just to mention two; therefore proper posture became very important to me as well as other preventive care.

Fast forward to 2003. Overnight my husband and I instantly became the main caregivers for my wonderful mother-in-law. Mom had moved in with us due to her suffering with Alzheimer’s at age 87. Five years later it became necessary to place her in an Adult Care Home. Hence, my great appreciation for assisted living owners and caregivers. This also evoked a great passion for working within this field.

It is my goal and my joy to assist others in preventive health care. Whether I’m teaching CEU Seminars for Caregivers, offering Ergonomic Office Assessments, providing Educational Workshops or distributing products; over the years I have been able to live out my passion while sharing what I’ve learned and most importantly experienced.

It is never too late to begin living out your passions, experiences and share with others your knowledge and your story.