How to Setup A Workspace to Increase Productivity & Creativity


It is possible to set up your workspace in a manner that actually aids in increasing your productivity and creativity. By following these few tips below you can begin to experience a happier and healthier workday.

Sit, Stand or Sit/Stand Desk:

The style of desk you choose is important, it does need to fit you properly for good ergonomics. However, whether you choose a sit or sit-stand desk is only a part of maximizing good ergonomics. The key is to avoid long periods of stagnant postures. Motion is key; taking breaks every hour or changing positions often will aid in blood flow, brain function, increased productivity and creativity.


Bright overhead lighting or light behind you monitor are both concerns for headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and lack of concentration. Changing the placement of your monitor, back lighting or bright overhead lighting will decrease or eliminate the negative effects of poor lighting conditions.

Everything in its place:  

An organized and uncluttered workspace aids in productivity, creativity and relaxation. Also by keeping items accessible that you use often, will not only help speed up work but you will have a greater sense of calmness while decreasing stress and fatigue.

Divide your workspace in two different zones; professional and personal. Separate zones will help you have a balance between your professional and private lives; therefore, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.

As you can see there are several simple ways to change your workspace that will aid in productivity and creativity while experiencing a happier and healthier workday.

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