Getting Your Ducks In A Row, Time Saving or Time Wasted?


This is a question I ask myself often at the beginning of a work week. It seems no matter how I leave projects at my desk on Friday, on Monday I feel a great compulsion to re-organize and re-prioritize my desk and my schedule for the upcoming week.

Truth be known, I can spend a lot of time organizing, cleaning and looking over last week’s list.  Some may say that I am wasting time, why not just jump in and start somewhere. What’s the point in checking or double checking the projects and list left on the desk on Friday?

Actually there is a point. Organizing, rechecking your “to-do-list” and projects from the previous week can aid in a stress free work day. What you may have thought was the priority at the end of last week can look different after time away from the office. Thus what you might have been stressing over on Friday may be moved further down the list or even removed.

As a Certified Ergonomic Consultant, I help my clients focus on increasing productivity, job safety, while reducing stress and fatigue. Though much of this is related to your body mechanics, job habits, and your personal work station, stress has multiple other sources. One source of stress is the way we approach a task when we have not scheduled breaks during the day, or have not stepped away from the project to gain new clarity and vision.

Getting you ducks in a row; re-organizing, re-prioritizing, taking breaks and stepping away from projects to regain clarity and vision, is diffidently time saving and will help reduce daily stress and fatigue.