Food for Thought


I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about food and how it affects our cognitive abilities, our productivity and our overall well-being while working.

There are a lot of new diet’s surfacing to help us lose weight and feel more energized. Everywhere you turn, Facebook, in newspaper articles and on the internet.  And of course there are the old tried and true diets. Less carbs and sugars, high protein and veggies, the Zone, fasting diets, food combining diets, just to mention a few.

It is pretty well known that what we put into our bodies is either going to fuel, heal and nourish us, or what we eat will, slow down our metabolism and cause our bodies stress and harm.

My question is why we don’t choose the first rather than the latter, especially during the work day when we need to be alert, productive and less stressed. I tend to believe it boils down to one of two things (1) bad habits, or (2) lack of preparation.

Eating in a manner that will have a positive effect on our mind and body does require preparation if bringing food to the workplace, and discipline if we are going to eat out.

So in closing here is some “food for thought”. Why not approach our food intake the same way we approach our jobs? Prioritize, set goals, make a plan, monitor and even add to or delete.  After all, we are worth it!

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