Staying Focused on What’s Important

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Charles Hummel published a booklet in the 1960’s, called Tyranny of the Urgent, and it became a business classic. In his book, he suggests the idea that there is regular tension between those things that are urgent and the things that are important. And most often, the urgent wins.

Making the best of time management is something most of us are always desiring to achieve. And yet, what often may look like an opportunity can actually be a distraction of the urgent.

Daily we experience so many demands; those we place on ourselves, those of our job, as well as the demands others place on us. There are the want to, need to, have to and of course the unexpected demands. The unexpected can be viewed as interruptions or as opportunities. So we must first decide what is most important not what seems most urgent.

Existing clients, as well as time sensitive tasks, should most often be placed in front of new prospective business.  Placing value on current clients and scheduled projects will definitely reap a good return and is also good time management.

Here are a few ways to help you stay focused on the important while avoiding the distractions of the urgent. Schedule sections of time during each week to meet with new leads or potential clients, construct a to-do list, and stick to your set goals.

Prioritizing the important over what seems to be urgent will also help alleviate the chaos of the unexpected and you will be able to enjoy your new opportunities.


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